Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA)

When an athlete or coach is working hard for improvement, it is imperative the data they receive is reliable and unbiased.

GPTQA is a quality assurance program taking into consideration all the rationale and procedures from leading institutes of sports around the world and has been designed in partnership with key PhD lecturers, Masters of Sport and Exercise Psychology and Masters of Sports Science.

Testing assurances

There are a number of programs globally that have their own quality assurance regarding field performance testing.  Due to variables in test design, equipment usage and recording methods, the data collected is significantly diluted and is also scientifically incomparable to further repeat testing.

Global Performance Testing have thoroughly researched the most evidence based global test protocols, combining international interpretation and acknowledgement across all sporting codes.  The formulated field tests aim to be performed in a controlled environment, are repeatable, and are scientifically valid.  Due to this, the field tests can be performed in any country, at any time.  In addressing key criteria in relation to exercise physiology, the wide array of test protocols and the subsequent testing data is transparent, clean and globally comparable.

The Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance focuses on the following objectives for unbiased and reliable data:

  • All environments are of identical surface and similar in dimension
  • All equipment is of identical specification and calibration scheduling
  • All staff are identically trained and accredited to the equipment and software solutions
  • All tests are performed over identical distances and with identical starting procedures
  • All data is reliable and collected and analysed under identical procedures
  • All athletes are managed during a test event in identical conditions
  • All documentation is completed and monitored regularly to identical procedures
  • All variables i.e. temperatures, surfaces, weather etc. are recorded for comparable evidence

In the context of performance testing, sports science and exercise physiology, quality assurance refers to the protocols, equipment and environments used to provide the coach, trainer, athlete or scientist confidence in reliable and accurate data.

Due to the lack of domestic and international governance in the area of field performance testing, Global Performance Testing provide assurance that the test protocols referred to in the literature are of sound scientific based evidence, are specific to physiological outcomes and are in demand by leading organisations within the sporting arena internationally.

Every effort is made to ensure that Global Performance Testing staff conduct tests identically, regardless of country or code.  Therefore, any tests conducted and their subsequent results which may be obtained by independent coaches, clubs, companies or institutes are not able to be compared to Global Performance Testing data and are not recognised by Global Performance Testing.  For tests to be repeated and for the data to be comparable, reliable and valid, Global Performance Testing managed test sessions are a more superior option for field performance testing.

In order to achieve reliable data we recommend that Global Performance Testing provide a managed test session on a periodic basis for your organisation.

GPTQA procedures and systems have been independently evaluated by Victoria University and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living.

For more information on Global Performance Testing personnel approval and the requirements and education required in sports data analysis in specific fields of expertise please contact us.

Training and accreditation

Global Performance Testing offer comprehensive packages to train your coaches or staff in protocol management, data assessment and all areas of performance testing in controlled conditions.

We are always looking for innovative sports scientists to join our teams.

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