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A comparison in male football (soccer) players aged 14 to 17 years of age in Australia: Running with and without a football.

G. Dudley - 04.11.2016


A study to identify the normative data to benchmark amateur footballers in the technique of running with a ball.


The data has been taken from controlled testing under GPTQA conditions using identical environments, trained staff and timing equipment throughout Victoria, Australia and Queensland, Australia.

Performance tests:

Results data:


 Number 200 
 Gender Male = 200; Female = 0 
 Ability Level Amateur 
 Age Range 14-17 years 


  Without Ball  With Ball  Difference 
 Fastest 2.701 seconds 3.143 seconds  0.442 seconds 
 Slowest 3.749 seconds  4.799 seconds  1.050 seconds 
 Mean 3.388 seconds 3.767 seconds  0.379 seconds 

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