Global Performance Testing Australia are always looking for innovative people to join our network in a number of ways.

Our Mission

“To create an international community of educated sporting and fitness enthusiasts armed with reliable information and innovative tools to excel, stay on track in achieving their goals and building a team that empowers our future athletes”


Do you have an education in sports science, a passion for the sports, fitness and well being industry and pride in your attention to every detail with a desire to work with like-minded professionals in this field?

Opportunities exist for the following roles:

  • Regional Test Managers
  • Local Test Assistants
  • Internships and work experience

Regional Test Manager (GPTQA L3)

This role involves management of test events including client liaison, event co-ordination, working with a team of test assistants, managing data capture to high GPTQA accreditation, ensuring all protocols and procedures are accurate and reliable, handling data and software systems and the control of all necessary equipment, hardware and software to successfully fulfill test events.

Regional Test Managers must be educated in the area of sport and/or exercise science to a Bachelors level or above with some experience in performance testing. 

Test Assistants (GPTQA L2)

This role involves assisting the Regional Test Manager (GPTQA L3) in the fulfillment of professional testing events with hands-on performance testing from set up to take down under the GPTQA procedures.  All assistants must be fully trained in protocols and support to GPTQA Level 2.  A very high level of attention to detail is required in this role and the ability to work efficiently as part of a team to ensure accurate and reliable data collection.

Local Test Assistants must be at least in the process of being educated in the area of sport and/or exercise science or have a suitable qualification in this field.

Local Test Assistant - casual.  This does not involve investment in equipment, however does require full GPTQA training to ensure accurate and reliable testing within the GPTQA procedures.

Internships and work experience

Global Performance Testing pride ourselves on the creation of hands-on experience in the field of performance testing and support any application for work experience and internships whether directly in testing or additional roles in media, marketing, selling or business development.

Due to our strict GPTQA procedures, any hands-on testing experience will be supervised by a qualified test manager or assistant to ensure our clients receive 100% reliable information.

To show your interest in any of these roles nationally, please contact us here.

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