GPT acceleration test - 20m (5-10-20m splits)


To test: initial speed, rate of speed development and total speed.


  • The athlete will tag on using their RFID band.
  • The athlete will start with the front foot toe just touching the starting line, heel up on the back foot, body mass over the front foot and shoulders and hips square in a crouched ready position.
  • Once the athlete is in the ready position, all subsequent movement must be in a forward direction.
  • The athlete will be instructed to sprint as fast as possible through the gates, ensuring that they do not decelerate until they have passed the  coloured cones set 4m after the finish gate.
  • The athlete may start in their own time once the timing system is ready and the start gate is green.
  • The athlete will only run this test twice.

Data Analysis

The athletes split times at 5m, 10m and 20m are recorded to the nearest 0.001 second.  The athlete's best time is recorded.


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