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  • 17 Nov 2017 9:51 PM | Anonymous

    Global Performance Testing International engaged the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia to independently evaluate the GPTQA accreditation and processes.

    Project objectives:

    1. To evaluate the current test protocols issued under GPTQA
    2. To evaluate the current inter and intra tester reliability methods under GPTQA
    3. To evaluate the current pre- and post-test procedures of GPTQA including the implementation of quality assurance
    4. To issue a clear verification acknowledgement to reliable GPTQA testing services
    5. To create a verification procedure for future works and development under GPTQA
    With no formal standards around reliability of performance testing on people internationally, it has been the focus of Global Performance Testing CEO Graham Dudley to provide a versatile and unbiased service to support the growing need of clean data for service development and improvement in sports and active living.

    GPTQA is now the worlds only "Gold Standard" in the procedural management of the services from community to elite levels ensuring validity and consistency.

    Professor Robert Aughey of Victoria University spent many months monitoring and assessing the intimate processes from training staff through event protocol management and the systems in recording and distributing result data.

    The conclusion:

    "GPTQA has excellent training systems for testing staff, and good to excellent testing protocols.  With some very minor changes, the testing protocols can be excellent.  With minor changes in how the data is used to establish and report on normative data GPTQA is very well placed to be true industry leaders in this space."

    Equality is essential in todays data market spaces and without a vision of reliability and consistency there is a risk of misdirection in research and development strategies.  GPTQA is now the platform to ensure processes are reliable.

    For information on becoming trained and accredited under GPTQA contact

    #TrueData #ProfessionalPerformanceTesting #GPTQA
  • 18 Jun 2017 6:34 AM | Anonymous

    Image by Victoria University: Professor Hans Westerbeek, Dean, College of Sports and Exercise Science Victoria University (left) and Graham Dudley, CEO Global Performance Testing (right)

    Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) are proud to announce a new collaboration with Global Performance Testing (GPT).

    Recognised around the world for their applied and translational research in sport, health and active living, Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) join forces with Global Performance Testing Australia, an innovative, Melbourne-based company that helps to empower the athletes of today and tomorrow. 

    Global Performance Testing provides performance testing services across all sporting codes – at the whole spectrum of skills and ability. GPT applies stringent protocols to ensure quality assurance, and employs experienced and trained staff to ensure reliable and comparable data.

    Victoria University and Global Performance Testing will work with sporting associations and clubs, schools and community groups to create new benchmarks, develop intervention or high performance programs. The collaboration will expand sport performance research to the population at large to not only positively influence the sporting potential of individuals but also the health of the community at large.

    Sport scientists at ISEAL will work on validating GPT's existing quality assurance structure (GPTQA), allowing for the development of international benchmarks or standards.

    "Beyond validating the GPTQA we are working towards securing further connections to sport and health advancing organisations and use the data collected by GPT to improve sport performance and community health – based on hard evidence" said Professor Hans Westerbeek, Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science and also Victoria University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor of Sport Strategy.

    The collaboration will also provide Victoria University’s sport students with employment opportunities to work in performance testing with GPT. This will allow them to gain practical experience in the field of sport science and work towards a career in the sport industry.

    Graham Dudley, the CEO of GPT says that "We have been seeking a partner who can take the data that we collect and turn this into research information that will support and benefit elite and community athletes but also the general public.  The collaboration with Victoria University is an amazing opportunity where data collection at scale comes together with ISEAL’s significant research capacity to turn our data into valuable sport performance and health and wellbeing information.”

  • 11 Jun 2017 4:56 AM | Anonymous

    Given the current news around changes in testing protocols from the multi-stage (beep) test to YoYo intermittent recovery, I thought it a good chance to further discuss the negative effects of audible scoring to get a true result in our athletes.

    Every athlete Global Performance Testing International Limited interviewed was happy when either beating an old score or achieving a set target i.e. level 10 in the multi-stage test however all also admitted to being satisfied by just matching or improving by a single level and therefore never knew how well they could actually perform.

    GPTQA YoYo testing removes the audible scoring entirely and use an efficient tag on tag off solution to ensure reliable scoring of each athlete plus only trained staff to identify errors or disqualifications. By default, each athlete travels as far and as long as they physically can therefore giving a true result of endurance recovery unrestricted to a psychologically pre-determined score.

    #TrueData #YoYoTest #BeepTest

  • 10 Jun 2017 5:19 AM | Anonymous

    Global Performance Testing continue to be a leader in professional testing in both sports and wellness and it has been an encouraging week in Australia with the announcement of change by the Australian Football League (AFL) in their fitness and draft testing protocols (read article).

    "Beep test makes way for the yo-yo at AFL draft combine" was the headline in The Age this week (read article) as the 3km time-trial and beep test are removed from the combine line up for more sport specific testing on athletes.

    GPT Australia have been testing AFL and all other sporting codes with the Yo-Yo test since 2012 and have a significant base of data from year 7 to 12 school students, academy players and sub-elite athletes all within the reliable and controlled conditions of GPTQA plus five years experience on managing the validity of test conditions including inter-trial, intra-trial, inter-tester and intra-tester reliability for consistency.

    Our research and development since 2012 internationally has also focused on other key sporting codes such as NRL, Soccer, NFL, Basketball and Netball plus more recent research in all sporting codes to identify weakness for development by sport specificity in test protocols.

    Global Performance Testing is the ONLY truly international performance testing service provider that is 100% unbiased across all sporting codes for all abilities with leading quality assurance, experienced and trained staff plus professionally accredited protocols and procedures for guaranteed reliable data.

  • 13 Nov 2016 6:53 AM | Anonymous

    Well it's finally here. Four years in the making and I am proud to officially launch GPTQA, the Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance program.

    Since the inception of the business design back in 2012 it has remained our mission “To create an international community of educated sporting and fitness enthusiasts armed with reliable information and innovative tools to excel, stay on track in achieving their goals and building a team that empowers our future athletes”.

    GPTQA accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, service, program, person or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards in performance testing. Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers. 

    The GPT team have worked tirelessly to research testing practices around the world to identify a common link and due to there being no officiating of data collection, rationale or training procedures for staff we spent the last eighteen months creating GPTQA, an accreditation to support sports professionals on a level playing field.

    Some have said it is a revolution for this side of the industry but I see it more as a natural evolution bringing together the great minds of professionals who have been relying on unbiased, reliable data for development of sport, fitness and wellness.

    What is GPTQA about? It is a membership network with an accreditation backbone that will educate those involved in sports performance data internationally.

    • Membership levels for sports coaches, athletes and scouts to access reliable data on benchmarks, trends and research projects specific to their field.
    • Membership levels for sports scientists, high performance managers and students with libraries of protocols, stationery, research and methods to better their practices.
    • Three levels of accreditation from basic education in testing rationale, data and the outcomes (Level 1), through theoretical and practical training and assessment in performing controlled and reliable testing (Level 2) to comprehensive education and training in professional test event management, data analysis and reporting (Level 3).
    • Only GPTQA accredited staff officiate testing to ensure unbiased and verified data for the client.
    • GPTQA staff are not interns or work experience students, they are all paid, qualified and experienced staff members and our network is building.

    Today GPTQA is offering anyone serious in sports science the opportunity to join our team and build on the foundations in place. We know the sporting world needs honest, true data in order to excel and we are proud to be the organisation to provide these solutions.

    We need your support and your input to level todays playing field so please jump on to our membership listings and give your feedback on necessary improvements in your location, sport or role.

    Register as a GPTQA member online at today. Use discount code FOUNDER11 for 50% off all memberships through the month of November in celebration of our launch and as a founder member have a voice in what you need.

    Yours in sport

    Graham Dudley - CEO - Global Performance Testing International

    #truedata #knowwhereyoustand | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Website

  • 9 Nov 2016 12:18 AM | Anonymous

    Global Performance Testing Australia recently provided pre-tournament testing on two occasions for the Melbourne Football Stars squad in preparation for their upcoming tour to Europe.

    In just 41 days the coaching team including George Campbell (Head Coach) brought a commitment and professionalism out of a newly formed group of lads who have performed admirably in the GPTQA field test laboratory.

    With some outstanding individual results came a group dedicated to backing each other and this was very evident in the motivational environment of our professional performance testing and specifically the Yo-Yo test where the team saw an average group improvement from a level 41 to an impressive level 59 with an outstanding level 86 achieved by Sean Png.

    Across the board of all seven tests there was consistency and improvement.

    The two test events were completed in identical environments under the controlled GPTQA (Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance) conditions just 41 days apart.

    MFS Head Coach George Campbell reiterated the importance of professional testing to ensure accurate, unbiased and reliable data for each player to set personal benchmarks. In recent days we have also seen the use of our clean data to support athletes in recovery from injury using the historic data to set goals for rehabilitation.

    All of the players are now Bronze - Athlete members of GPTQA and have their own secure data accounts for personal assessment. The coaches are now Bronze - Sports Coach members with personal Athlete Manager secure accounts to compare their athletes and global data. All part of the Global Performance Testing service.

    We wish the boys a safe and successful tour to the UK, Holland and Germany in December.

    For more information on Global Performance Testing International visit or follow us on social media. Information on our GPTQA accreditation is available at

    #TrueData #KnowWhereYouStand | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

  • 7 Nov 2016 5:34 AM | Anonymous

    Global Performance Testing Australia are very pleased to announce the addition of Stuart McDonald to the Victorian team of professional test managers supporting sports, performance and well being assessment.

    Stuart is a graduate of Charles Sturt University, Bible College of Victoria and RMIT University achieving a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation), Master of Arts and Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Biology (Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology).

    A fully accredited member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (GLECA), Western Martial Academies of Australia (WMAA) and on staff as the Holistic Care Consultant with the Myeloma Foundation of Australia, Stuart brings a wealth of broad experience to the GPT Australia team with an exceptional attention to every detail.

    On a personal level Stuart’s interests are in martial arts (Asian and European) and remains the Head Program Developer and instructor of longsword, shortsword, biomechanics and physical performance for GLECA.  With a filled résumé, Stuart is also educated in personal change readiness, Cert IV in Fitness, Cert IV in Training and Assessing, pilates and a performance enhancing specialist (PES).

    In line with the Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) program, Stuart has received firsthand experience and training in the field of professional testing to be accredited as a GPTQA Test Manager.

    Global Performance Testing Australia and Global Performance Testing International welcome Stuart to the team and look forward to bringing his experience to our clients throughout Victoria.

  • 6 Nov 2016 2:16 AM | Anonymous

    Through the Global Performance Testing network we have access to huge amounts of clean and reliable data gathered in controlled conditions internationally.  This access allows GPTQA to answer all kinds of questions from the sports, fitness and well being industry.

    Our micro studies are available to members to see statistical fact through unbiased data.  An example is available here "A comparison in male football (soccer) players aged 14 to 17 years of age in Australia: Running with and without a football".

    Members can send in their questions for us to create a public micro study and GPTQA are always looking for students looking to answer questions for us within the sports and exercise science degrees.

    Sign up to be GPTQA member here 

  • 5 Nov 2016 5:26 AM | Anonymous

    When looking for the purest results in testing athletes Global Performance Testing turned to Sporttesting Inc as the preferred partner internationally.

    With by far the most efficient back end software for small and large group management, Athlete Manager allows seamless registration pre-event and a slick RFID system called Sport ID to manage athletes during the event ensuring accurate linking of athlete to data at all times. Post-event is simple with Athlete Manager reporting directly to coaches or scouts and Athlete Lounge releasing comparable and personal data securely to each athlete directly.

    Questions are raised around the accuracy of field testing and the equipment so GPT have tied the two together as matter of priority using GPTQA accredited staff and protocols at every combine from school student to professional athlete. The Sporttesting Sport Gate is also a major feature with the Body Core Capture (BCC) technology built in to the photocell signals to detect the real body core of the athlete when passing.

    While an athlete runs through a standard laser gate there is a high possibility of an arm, hand or piece of equipment triggering the timing before the athlete. BCC has a very powerful microprocessor that controls the function of the gate as well as the BCC function therefore all of the detected photocells are analysed and the correct time for the body core is captured at some 0.5msec.

    The diagram above shows how the microprocessor measures the duration of the captured pulses and takes the longest duration as the body core. Only the leading edge (LE) time stamp of the longest duration signal is reported during the athlete testing process.

  • 3 Nov 2016 2:41 AM | Anonymous

    Today we launch the new website

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